Sanded and painted with white chalk paint. Used for a month before getting a dining table. Perfect for breakfast nook, dining room, sunroom, or even the patio!
This is from the first GRAND PRIX race in France that had race momentos to buy. This ink bottle is made by the famous glass maker Dubonnet. The lettering is actually under an outer layer of glass. Very Rare anywhere but even more so here in America as few Americans would have been at this race. Piece is about . inches high and is in perfect condition. See my other ads collectables Colonial glas...
1975 Cinncinnati Championship Team and coaches bought at the old Stadium. Retails for over $500
Brand new. 2003 edition. No cracks or blemishes. Nice collectible.
No cracks or blemishes on the outside. Check out my page for 2003 and 2002 editions as well.
Never used this. No cracks or blemishes. Nice collectible. Check out my page for 2003 and 2004 editions as well.
Cup a little dusty. Not used. In box.
Vintage Rolltop desk in brand new condition. Real wood. Key to locks included
Solid and in good shape solid oak chair from the 60's
This is the original St cut Litho by English painter Douglas printed in By Graves of Pall Mall London England. You can still see the impressions of the st just in from the edges of the print. It was brought over to America at the turn of the century and hung in the star hotel the Homestead near my home. It was well protected there from sun light and other things that effect prints. It is perfec...


Blue and white floral set
Amazing vintage large trunk! Was painted grey a long time ago before I had it and has amazing vintage floral paper on the inside. I purchased for $150. Meet in eastgate.
2 carrying bags, chemical gloves, boots, tent posts stakes an string, canteen bottle an carrier, not sure if water proff suit but you get both jacket an pants, another carrier for something idk what it carriers and some kinda harnes I thing they go with the pants
I am open to offers I don't know to much about it but it's in great condition considering how old it is. I did very little research but everything I saw says it's very collectable. It's 30 or 40 years old
Very old vintage Pepsi bottles. Make a offer
Yes bottles with seals intact distilled in the s and turned into the Virginia Wildlife series with artists animals and birds on the front.I have kept it stored with my paintings which I keep dark to prevent fading so they are as they were the day they were filled. With seals from Virginia still on them still evaprated a little but am told this is normal. Very few can offer you a drink of yr. ol...
This is a s Glass set of Candle holders and a vase. The came out of a Virginia Plantation home. They are extremely rare there is a set jut like it in the State Department In D.C. They are inches high and the candle sets in the very bottom giving good protection against fire. They would set in a grand hallway on a table and would of light it throughout the night. They are a green glass with pont...
A beautiful perfect condition artist hand painted . inch vase with floral motif from Japan . This is the early import marking and it came into New York before coming here to Virginia. It is full coverage with lots of gold and is topped off with swans forming the handles. ship included. see my other ads collectables. My Ebook th century glass yr.old case bourbon yr.old golf litho. J.P.goodwin my...
This is a poster created by Norman Hall for Winchester. He did sevearal some similar to this but this is of the rarest. They were printed on cheap paper as they were meant to be posted in windows where the sun would fade them out. The act of taking them down destroyed them. This was never posted and I found it in a stack of lithographs. The upper right corner has some paper detereation but is o...
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